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킁...... 다시 트타를 해야 하는데, 너무 귀찮아.~~~~~
0.5.1 (2007-04-20)

0.5.1-RC3 (2007-04-17)
- Feature: Add list_patches to console commands; shows all patches and values (r9565)
- Fix: Select "Custom" in the difficulty settings gui when changing a setting [FS#733] (r9647)
- Fix: Building rail on steep slopes ignored build_on_slopes patch setting (r9602)
- Fix: Wrong characters in Finnish town names (r9641)
- Fix: When checking for no vehicle on ground-tiles, do not take into account vehicles that are in the air (r9542)
- Fix: Bankrupt AIs no longer buy over themselves (also added safeguards to prevent in future) (r9540 / r9541)
- Fix: When company is removed, sell all shares of the and in the company (r9533)
- Fix: Crash when 2 or more clients joined at roughly the same time (r9529)
- Fix: Custom currency was overwritten and fix euro introduction (r9467, r9469)
- Fix: Values of diff_custom and snow_line in .cfg were not checked properly (r9455)
- Fix: When deleting a vehicle which has shared orders with one more vehicle and no orders, segfaulted (r9429)

0.5.1-RC2 (2007-03-23)
- Fix: crashes when the chatbox would be drawn outside of the main window [FS#701] (r9420)
- Fix: reading out of an array caused a segmentation fault [FS#694] (r9394)

0.5.1-RC1 (2007-03-20)
- Feature: Translation dependant formatting of dates (r8906)
- Feature: Kick inactive initial network connections after some time [FS#115] (r9038, r9061)
- Feature: Add an extra news group for opening and closing of industries (r9097)
- Codechange: Disable shares by default and increase the default maximum distance from edge for oil refineries (r9339)
- Codechange: When you started openttd with '-g' you got the same map every run (r9205)
- Codechange: When all news-setting buttons are 'full', make the for-all button show 'full' too (r9137)
- Codechange: Disable the ability to make flooding water with the canal build tool. In the scenario editor you can still make both canals and flood water at height level 0 [FS#622, FS#629] (r9105, r9115)
- Codechange: The station list, sorted by cargo rating, now takes stations into account that have no cargo waiting [FS#595] (r9062)
- Fix: Close the Shared Order Vehicle List if you remove the shared link with only 2 vehicles (r9338)
- Fix: A34-1000, Z-Shuttle, and Kelling K1 are now listed as small aircraft (r9298)
- Fix: Shared orders got messed up when the 'first' trains got removed in the depot [FS#685] (r9277)
- Fix: Use a less CPU-intensive algorithm to find a random industry for the AI to prevent it slowing down the game [FS#644] (r9251)
- Fix: When loading games, enroute_from was updated in the wrong place, causing issues with TTD savegames/scenarios (r9147)
- Fix: "Train is lost" message is generated incorrectly [FS#676] (r9146)
- Fix: Difficulty level button was not selected when opening the difficulty window (r9117)
- Fix: The wrong catenary wires were drawn for tunnel entrances [FS#612] (r9077)
- Fix: The intercontinental airport used 'T-junction' runway sprites when there is no exit in the middle of the runway as in the city airport [FS#529] (r9076)
- Fix: [win] dedicated console now doesn't need an extra 'enter' to fully quit [FS#459] (r9074)
- Fix: Take over companies properly in multiplayer games [FS#459] (r9071)
- Fix: When a bribe failed and you haven't picked up cargo yet, you would never be able to do so for a given station [FS#404] (r9070)
- Fix: Don't keep on scrolling for non-numeric values in settings, but require reclick [FS#663] (r9064)
- Fix: The personal (.openttd) directories were hidden in the load/save directory listings [FS#652] (r9043)
- Fix: Desync caused by buffer overflow [FS#664] (r9027)
- Fix: When cutting strings into multiple lines also take into consideration whitespace characters of more than 1 byte length. (r9012)
- Fix: Play the correct engine sound based on the engine type instead of the sprite (r9009)
- Fix: New locomotive names were not announced in the news, it said "new railway locomotive available - railway locomotive" [FS#581] (r9000, r9001)
- Fix: [NewGRF] Do not select a disabled platform length/number of track count when going out of drag-drop mode [FS#450] (r8999)
- Fix: [win] Resolution doubled in cfg file when fullscreen mode used [FS#642] (r8994)
- Fix: The industry list should also be (re)set when the number of industries is 0 [FS#656] (r8980)
- Fix: [win] Possible buffer overflow if unicode text is pasted into an input box and needs trimming. (r8975)
- Fix: [win] Support compilation with the Vista Platform SDK (r8974)
- Fix: Crash on loading savegames with GRFs that do not have their GRF info/name set (r8955)
- Fix: [NewGRF] support for vehicle variable 48 was wrong (r8943)